About Dr. Prachee

Dr Prachee Shah is young and dynamic Pediatrician and Neonatologist with special interest in field of nutrition practicing in Sabarmati,Ahmedabad since 2010.

She started her medical career by pursuing M.B.B.S from the reputed Shri M.P Shah Medical Colleage(G.G.Hospital,Jamnagar). After completing her M.B.B.S with flying colours, she pursued her Master Degree in Pediatrics from Shri P.D.U Medical Colleage at K.T Children Hospital, Rajkot which is the tertiary centre for the entire Saurashtra region. Being the pioneer resident at K.T Children Hospital she had accumulated a vast experience in dealing with all pediatric and neonatal emergencies.

She has been in private practice since Sep 2010. She is Consultant Pediatrician and Neonatologist at her own set up at Vraj Hospital, Sabarmati.She is also Head of Pediatrics department at Panchshil Multispeciality Hospital, Sabarmati.

Quality care, personalized approach, ethical and evidence based treatment are the essence of her practice. During all these years she has emphasised on optimum nutrition of her patients.She has specially focused on promoting and supporting breastfeeding and on timely starting of solids.

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NEEV - सही शुरुआत

Neev word has its origin in Hindu culture and its literal meaning is foundation or base in English and adhaar in Hindi or Payo in Gujarati

Neev is of utmost importance in preserving structural integrity of any building. Stronger the ‘NEEV’, stronger and durable the building is. Above example lay an emphasis on importance of NEEV in most literal term.

In broader sense, right foundation, be it of moral values, education, skills determine the quality of life we live and its predictor of our success.Someone has truly said “eat your food as medicine or you have to eat medicine as your food.” Eating right and healthy is the key to healthy life. Correct nutrition is off utmost importance form the start of one’s life as it determine the future wellbeing.

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Antenatal Consultation

Preparing the expectant mother for breastfeeding and make her most confidant and knowledgeable.It is a 60 -75 minutes interactive session with illustrative presentation and informative videos which will cover...

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Post natal Consultation

Post natal consultation is basically an interactive session of 45 to 60 minutes which helps the new mother to clear her doubts and anxiety regarding diet, latch, positioning, growth, etc...

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Very helpful consulting experience with Dr.Prachee. Almost lost hope of breastfeeding, but with her calmness and experience, my son get back on feeding. So I am so happy. Also Very good consulting through phone call, get instant reply.

Shreya Bhatt

It was very helpfull consulting Dr Prachee...She has a good nature that makes easy communicating with her... Now breastfeeding is pleasure under her guidance... I am very much thankful to her for her guidance.

Ishani Parikh

It was pleasure meeting Dr. Prachee, she answered all my questions related to breastfeeding and helped me bonding with my baby and making breastfeeding session comfortable and enjoyable. I would definitely recommend every new mother to get help with an expert like her.

Namrata J.

We are blessed with a baby girl recently. Motherhood was a new beginning for me. Post C section surgery I was facing feeding related issues. We were advised by few acquaintance parents to visit Dr Prachee regarding breastfeeding consultation and with the help of their advise and through guidance I was able to feed my child properly and seeing her grow. Motherhood is really exciting. Thank you for your support.

Hemali Kansara

Breastfeeding as well as motherhood become enjoyment after taking guidance from Dr. Prachee. Solved all the problem regarding breastfeeding and make me feel confident, best doctor I ever met and indeed a best person. Lots of thanks doctor for your support and guidance, worth visiting for all new mothers who are struggling with lots of breastfeeding problems.

Tanzim Khoja

Very helpful and informative. Dr. Prachee boosted up my confidence such that I never thought of going downhill in my breastfeeding journey. Personal attention is given such as asking regular updates about the well-being and overall health of me as well as my babies. Only one thing I felt is incomplete is, there are no patient visitation facilities available. But overall experience is really nice.

Ushma Patel

We really worried about my son but with support and guidance from Dr Prachee, we had a result in very short time. She cares for her patient a lot and keep taking update and improvements which the best thing we found for her.

Bhaumik Bhatt

It was a great experience. Doctor Prachee helped in a lot for increasing my supplies. Her regular follow up and timetables helped in enhancing my breastmilk supplies.

Richa Sinha

Dr. Prachee is the best lactation consultant. She guides me very well during my lactation period. Even her one word is so meaningful and important regarding lactation & child. She is so polite and wonderful doctor. She is awesome.

Kundan Malhotra