Lactation Consultation

Breastfeeding is natural instinct,biological norm in mammalian world. It is present since existence of mankind and is ubiquitous in nature. Though natural breastfeeding is an art which mother- baby dyed masters gradually. Studies shows that first 3 week after birth is the most difficult time for breastfeeding and almost 30%of women who initiate breastfeeding face some difficulties.

In last 2 decades ,there has been a significant increase in number of mothers who are having one problem or other in initiating or maintaining their lactation journey. True cases of lactation failure are very rare just 1-2%. Rest are due to lack of timely guidance and support.

In this modern era there are many reasons for this rise in cases of mismanaged lactation or failed lactation.Let us have a loom on few common ones.

In all the above scenarios , Lactation Consultant can be of great help.

Lactation Consultant is a health professional who specialises in clinical management of breastfeeding related issues and treating breastfeeding concerns with evidence based practices. Lactation Consultant can be of great help to overwhelmed mother who has advices pouring from all corners and at times contradictory too. The new mother is full of doubts and confusion regarding feeding her newborn. She wants to give her best when it comes to baby's nutition but at times she is unable to do so. Lactation cosultant can help such mothers by teaching appropriate skills and sharing knowledge regarding how breastfeeding works.

Ways a lactation consultation can be helpful:

Lactation Consultant will hear you patiently without being judgmental and will provide you solutions most feasible for you.

Types of Lactation Consultation: