NEEV - सही शुरुआत

Neev word has its origin in Hindu culture and its literal meaning is foundation or base in English and adhaar in Hindi or Payo in Gujarati. Neev is of utmost importance in preserving structural integrity of any building. Stronger the ‘NEEV’, stronger and durable the building is. Above example lay an emphasis on importance of NEEV in most literal term. In broader sense, right foundation, be it of moral values, education, skills determine the quality of life we live and its predictor of our success.

Someone has truly said “eat your food as medicine or you have to eat medicine as your food.” Eating right and healthy is the key to healthy life. Correct nutrition is off utmost importance form the start of one’s life as it determine the future wellbeing. Hence providing good nutrition to babies is of utmost importance. When it comes to best for babies, it is undebatable Breastfeeding / Breast milk is the best.

In a border sense Breastfeeding / Breast milk can be considered as foundation for infant nutrition. Studies have proven that breastfeeding plays a pivotal role in shaping physical, mental and emotional wellbeing of an individual. Hence when I was to start first of its kind lactation clinic of Gujarat, I could not find any name more appropriate than ‘NEEV’

At NEEV,we hear you. We are at your service so you have the right and informed beginning of the most beautiful journey of life called ‘MOTHERHOOD’

At NEEV, we believe in treating our patients as we would like ourselves to be treated. So we take into account all the six parameters of quality healthcare in our practice. Our practicing ways have the essence of:

Being a mother is the most wonderful experience yet at times, it can be so overwhelming. New mothers have a lot of fears and anxiety, whether her actions are right for baby or not ? Mothers want best for their babies especially when it comes to nutrition. There are advices pouring from all the corners and at times, they are conflicting too. She is confused on what to believe an what not to. She needs someone to listen to her, to clear her doubts and anxiety.

At “NEEV”, we hear you.

Being pediatrician and specialization in breastfeeding, We provide you right and evidence based information and helps you to achieve a good start and smooth lactation journey. Quality care, personalized approach, empathy with a bit of humor is how mothers are dealt at NEEV.

We provide antenatal breastfeeding consultation, postnatal breastfeeding consultation and antenatal and postnatal breastfeeding counseling.

Our Aim is to spread awareness about importance of breastfeeding, exclusive breastfeeding for first six months, and early initiation of breastfeeding in caesaren delivery. We aim to promote and support breastfeeding.

Our philosophy: "Quality care Service and personalized care", in simple term quality care means doing right thing at right time in a right way to achieve best possible results.

Antenatal Consultation

Post natal Consultation

Interactive session of 45-60 minutes which helps the new mother clear her doubts, which will cover the following aspects:

All above services can be done vie online mode through skype,IMO etc.

Group counseling sessions are also available.

All services are appointment based only.