Frequently Asked Questions

Q.I have cold cough and fever. Can I feed the baby ?

Ans. Yes you can and you should. Protective antibodies in mother’s milk protect the baby against viral infection. Just make sure you cover your mouth with handkerchief while cough and wash hands before touching baby.

Q. I am on antibiotics. Can I feed my baby ?

Ans. Yes, definitely you can. Minor illness and antibiotics are not a reason to interrupt breastfeeding. Ask your treating doctors more compatible with breastfeeding or consult Lactation consultant.

Q. Can I use mobile phone while breastfeeding ?

Ans. Yes, You can eat, drink read watch tv, listen to music, use mobile , use internet, be on social media. These are not going to affect your breast milk supply.

Q. Will frequent feeding decrease my supply ? Will baby get enough milk ?

Ans. Breast milk production depends on how much is the demand. More the demand more the body produce milk. So on the contrary, frequent nursing will boost up your supply.

Q. Can I breastfeed after vaccination ?

Ans. Yes, you can. It does not interfere with immunity. On the other hand, it helps to lessen the pain and trauma of needle prick.

Q. My baby is 2 yr old. Should I stop breastfeeding will it become habit now ?

Ans. WHO, UNICEF, INDIAN AP, AAP recommend to continue breastfeeding till at least 2 years of age and beyond. Recommendation is exclusive breastfeeding for first 6 months and then introduction of complementary feeding at completion of 6 months along with contribution of breastfeed.

In Summer, do I need to give water apart from breastfeeding ?

Ans. No. breast milk has required water content to meet demands of baby even in summer. You need to breastfeed frequently to maintain hydration status.

Q. My breast size is small. Will I make enough milk ?

Ans. Yes. Even woman with small breast can successfully breastfeed their babies. Milk production depends on glandular tissue and not the fatty tissue.

Q. I have small nipple. Will I be able to breastfeed ?

Ans. Yes. With some guidance from experts, you can definitely. Baby breastfeed not nipple feed.

Q. My breast will become saggy if I breastfeed ? Is it correct ?

Ans. Post pregnancy breast will become saggy as there is no muscular or bony structure to support breast. Hense, whether you breastfeed or not, it is never going to be pre-pregnancy shape.

Q. Which contraceptive method is safe while breastfeeding ?

Ans. Ideally, barrier contraceptive like condoms are best, if that option is not acceptable one can go for low dose hormonal or long acting injectable. Do consult your lactation consultant before starting contraceptives.

Q. I am planning for cesarean section delivery. I am worried about breastfeeding.

Ans. With proper guidance and help from lactation consultant, one can breastfeed even immediately after cesarean section as soon as baby is delivered.

Q. My baby (Age less than 1 month), is waking up frequently for feeding. Is he not getting enough milk ?

Ans. Breastmilk is easy to digest compared to formula feed and all the nutrients from breastfeed get completely absorbed in body. Hence baby need to be fed frequently, at least 8-10 times in 24 hrs.

Q. Does the thick milk(colostrum) needed to be given to baby ?

Ans. Yes definitely. It is full of proteins, vitamin A and protective factors. In fact, it is the first vaccine that you give to baby. Because of it nutritive and protective value, it is also called liquid gold.

Q. Post-delivery, for the first two days, I am making very little milk (drops only), Is there any need to breastfeed the baby ?

Ans. Yes. Those few drops are colostrums which is very rich in nutrients and protective factor. Breastmilk production works on demand supply phenomenon. More the baby sucks more the body makes milk.